Yacine Djibo • Founder & President • Senegal

Yacine Djibo founded Speak Up Africa in 2011 with one goal in mind: to discover and implement effective, sustainable solutions to the most challenging problems facing the African people. Focusing on strategic communications, policy and advocacy, Speak Up Africa is dedicated to empowering African leaders and citizens to take on issues such as malaria, neglected tropical diseases and sanitation in order to save and improve lives.

Previously, Yacine worked as the Senegal country director for Malaria No More, where she developed and managed several high-profile national programs to promote malaria prevention and treatment. She built and maintained relationships with national and local government officials; designed and oversaw the distribution of lifesaving commodities countrywide; and cultivated partnerships with private-sector companies, media outlets, musicians and celebrities to develop marketing programs that raise awareness about malaria.

Prior to devoting her career to the health and well-being of children and families in Africa, Yacine honed her skills in the areas of business administration, finance and real estate at several private-sector companies, including Intercontinental Life Insurance Company, where she served as managing director; SAGEF Construction and Real Estate Development Company, where she was director of sales; and Fidelity Investments, where she served as a business analyst.

Yacine earned her bachelor’s degree in international relations and her MBA from Boston University.

Fara Ndiaye • Deputy Executive Director • Senegal 

Fara Ndiaye has been an integral member of the Speak Up Africa team since its founding in 2011. There she has been able to pursue her passion for public health and sustainable development advocacy, social and behavioral change communication, community outreach, and partnership building and engagement.

Beginning as the Director of Programs, Fara focused on external relations and coordinating partner activities. She then moved to the position of strategy and development director, in which she managed initiatives to advance the organization’s advocacy, programmatic and partnership goals; developed strategies to engage the private sector; and created advocacy and communications tools. Currently, as Deputy Executive Director, Fara has taken on the oversight of all program activities, ensuring proper planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; appropriate liaison and negotiation with government partners; and the meeting of national and international standards and practices.

Before joining Speak Up Africa, Fara spearheaded the communications, partnership and advocacy initiatives in Senegal for Malaria No More. Prior to that, she worked on the research of migration issues for a variety of small non-governmental and major global organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, including the International Organization for Migration and the International Center for Migration and Health.

Kate Campana • CEO • US

Kate Campana joined Speak Up Africa after six years as Managing Director at Malaria No More where she played a pivotal role in establishing MNM as a strategic player focused on ending malaria deaths in Africa.

Kate established MNM's strategic institutional direction and led the development and execution of a $15 million dollar portfolio in capacity building, innovative finance and African based strategic advocacy.

Kate conceived, designed, and implemented NetGuarantee LLC to partner with private sector financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, the Soros Economic Development Fund and a number of private financial and insurance entities to offer African countries innovative finance options and accelerate the delivery of life-saving commodities to at-risk populations in Africa.

Prior to MNM, Kate worked as a Vice President at Bankers Trust Company managing a portfolio of housing and retail investments in New York City. Kate served for two years in the U.S. Peace Corps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Maelle Ba • Project Consultant • Senegal

After a first experience in the UNESCO’s Regional Office in Dakar, as a communication and knowledge management intern, Maelle joined the Speak Up Africa’s team to reinforce and develop the communication branch.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in both History and English and a Masters degree in History and Comparative Civilizations. Most recently she obtained a MBA in International Institutions and NGOs Management. 

She is currently working on the design and development of communication programs/campaigns, implemented on the field, while developing and sustaining partnerships with key international stakeholders.

Anta Gaye • Office Manager • Senegal

Anta joined Speak Up Africa after 9 years of experience in customer relationship management and administration. Prior to joining the team, Anta focused on the organization of fundraising and networking events as well as the supervision of castings for commercial film productions.

At Speak Up Africa, Anta is responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office. This includes the organizing of people, information and all other resources. She makes sure the office equipment is maintained, relevant records are up to date and that all administration processes work effectively. Anta creates and maintains a pleasant work environment while ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety.

Angelo VF2.jpg

Angelo Zogo Menye • Head of Audio-Visual Production • Senegal

Prior to joining Speak Up Africa in March 2015, Angelo was Creative Director at AK Project. With 10 years of experience in the production of communication support, Angelo has been an integral part of Speak Up Africa for 2 years now. Within the communication team of Speak Up Africa, Angelo oversees and creates the visuals to highlight the campaigns and actions carried out by the organization.

Passionate about photography and nature, he knew how to appropriate the values of the organization and relay them through his creativity.


Ali Sidikou • Senior Financial Manager • Senegal

Ali Sidikou joined Speak Up Africa in February 2016 as Senior Financial Manager. He has a broad professional expertise acquired after over fifteen years in the financial departments of leading subsidiaries of large multinational groups in West Africa, (Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger and Senegal). Ali has been active in various sectors: telecommunication (Etisalat Group, Monaco Telecom), industry and the information and communication technology (People Input).

As Senior Financial Manager of Speak Up Africa, Ali provides leadership and coordination in all aspects related to finance, including risk management, treasury, budget control, accounting, reporting, human resources management and administrative duties.

After a Master in Management and Business Administration obtained at Université Pierre Mendes-France (Grenoble 2 France) Ali completed a Postgraduate Degree in Economics at University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada).


Abdoulaye Diop • Malaria Program Officer •  Senegal

With a background in sociology, Abdoulaye has over seven years of professional experience in conducting socio-anthropological studies (data collection, analysis, monitoring and evaluation) including two high levels positions as Field Specialist in a consulting firm.

Within the Speak Up Africa team, Abdoulaye leads all the malaria work including the implementation of national communication and advocacy campaigns designed to raise the profile of the disease


Caroline Demarcq • Program Associate •  Senegal

After a year as project manager in Benin within an association working to improve the access to education, Caroline joined the Speak Up Africa’s team in September 2017 to become programs associate.

A lawyer by training, Caroline obtained a double degree in Law and in Public Administration, and specialized in International Law and in Law of States rebuilding. To finish her studies, she realized two internships in Mexico about Human rights protection and promotion.

Today Caroline supports the different Speak Up Africa’s programs to facilitate their implementation and their monitoring.


Kadidiatou Sow • Assistant Programs •  Senegal

After obtaining her Bachelor degree in Marketing and Communication, then her Masters 2 in Project Management, Kadidiatou joined Speak Up Africa to support the programmes of Speak Up Africa. She is currently in charge of the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria programs. (MIM) and the Zero Palu campaign.

Kadidiatou has a proven team spirit and a taste for challenges .

Having lived for many years in Central Africa, Kadidiatou is passionate about exploring innovative solutions in the field of communication and advocacy.


Siaka Traore • Accounting • Senegal

Previously, he was an assistant accountant in a public accountancy and tax firm of the place where he was in charge of the accounting of a dozen companies working in various fields of activity (commercial companies, service companies, industries and liberal professions).

He holds a master's degree 2 in audit and management control at the UCAD. He also obtained a Bachelor's degree in management sciences from the integrated university after obtaining the Bachelor's degree in quantitative management techniques from the Lycée Maurice DELAFOSSE in Dakar ( Senegal).

He has also successfully completed training in the Participatory Research Accelerated Method (M.A.R.P) of the African Institute of Local Development (I.A.D.L).