Zero Malaria Starts with Me

A social movement for malaria elimination in Africa

There were 3.5 million more malaria cases reported in 10 African countries in 2017 compared to 2016. In response to this situation, the African Union Commission and the RBM Partnership to End Malaria launched the “Zero Malaria Starts with Me” movement across the African continent during the 31st African Union Summit in July 2018. This movement was based on a campaign originally launched by the Ministry of Health and Social Action of Senegal in 2014 in partnership with Speak Up Africa and PATH. This now Pan-African campaign is based on three pillars: generating political commitment, mobilizing private sector engagement and financing and crucially, increasing community engagement and ownership.

Civil society plays a key role in influencing and promoting public dialogue about decisions that affect the lives of millions, while holding governments and policymakers publicly accountable. We recognize that civil society stakeholders can highlight significant issues through their knowledge of local contexts, offer valuable technical expertise and insights to supplement available data, suggest innovative approaches to problems, and provide important perspectives on malaria control and elimination policies and initiatives.  Therefore, we will aim to develop local capacity of malaria champions to reinforce our policy change objective and support the national program’s resource mobilization goals. Speak Up Africa will further foster cross sectoral collaboration by focusing on convening, coordinating and sustaining national advocacy efforts.

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