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Raising the profile of immunization in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a two-fold challenge in Africa: curbing the spread of the coronavirus, whilst also maintaining access to essential health services for those suffering from other diseases. As COVID-19 requires an immediate response, it is crucial that health services are protected and progress in tackling issues such as malaria, immunization, neglected tropical diseases and inadequate access to sanitation is not compromised. The campaign’s objectives:

  • Raise the profile of immunization in Africa and ensure equitable access to vaccines.
  • Unite multiple sectors in pan-African response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Create a mass media, digital communications and advocacy campaign using influential figures to deliver key preventative messages.

Immunization is the most cost-effective health intervention known to mankind. When countries can successfully provide vaccines to their children, they are already making an immense difference to the health of their citizens. Yet, globally, 1 in 5 children are still without access to even the most basic vaccines. A successful immunization program can contribute to stronger overall health by providing a structural foundation for national health systems.

Together with our partners, we contribute to increase immunization coverage levels in Africa by:

  • Raising the profile of immunization on policymakers’ agenda.
  • Promoting sustainable resource allocation for immunization at country level.
  • Increasing the visibility of good practices and accomplishments of EPI programs throughout the continent.
  • Strengthening coalitions in support of immunization.
  • Increasing demand from communities of quality immunization service.

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