Golden Sludge

Against that backdrop, Speak Up Africa works to address national sanitation challenges in close collaboration with national institutions that are directly responsible for developing and implementing sanitation programs.

To this end, Speak Up Africa works with each of the following stakeholders:

− Civil society groups that bring knowledge and passion to the challenge;

− The Senegalese government, and ONAS in particular;

− Communities that are in the best position to understand local challenges and design potential solutions;

− Universities, which create innovative solutions on a daily basis;

− Private sector companies that are well positioned to build the national economy while supporting sustainable development and improved sanitation.

Under this program, Speak Up Africa is supporting Senegal’s National Sanitation Office in its communication and advocacy components. The objectives of this support are as follows:

− Contribute to the replacement of manual desludging with mechanical desludging;

− Mobilize stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors; and

− Increase knowledge and ownership of cost-effective sanitation solutions.

In 2017, the main activity focused on the implementation of a campaign to promote the call center created under the ONAS fecal sludge market structuring program, which is one of the innovative on-site sanitation technologies. Thanks to an intensive media campaign, the call center has considerably increased its annual average of 47 desludging missions. During the campaign, the call center recorded over 4,823 desludging missions, with an average of 20 during weekdays and 50 during weekends. This increased the turnover of desludging operators as well as the annual usage rate of the call center.

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