Golden Sludge

At the national level, we urge country leaders to invest in national initiatives to improve access to safely managed sanitation services and clean drinking water across their countries. Governments must develop policies and regulations at a national level that promote and coordinate local government efforts to improve sanitation facilities. At the regional level, we work with key institutions such as the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) and the Africa Water Association (AfWA) to develop regional guidelines and policies to guide sanitation-related policies and position non sewered sanitation as a priority on the international agenda.

In Senegal, since 2015, Speak Up Africa has been striving to effectively mobilize high-level public and private Senegalese leadership, generating concrete action and increasing capacity for improved urban sanitation solutions in Senegal. This project also catalyzes awareness among communities of optimal menstrual hygiene. After three successful years of collaboration between Speak Up Africa and the National Sanitation Office of Senegal (ONAS), and because of the good results of the communication and capacity-building campaign, ONAS is scaling up the pilot program through the implementation of the National Program for Sustainable Development of Non-Sewered Sanitation in Senegal (PNDDAA) across the country. To support ONAS and the government of Senegal in this orientation, Speak Up Africa continues the efforts to strengthen the ONAS’ communication capacity, develop new tools to assist the scaling up and engage financing partners and private sector, build capacity of pit emptiers throughout Senegal on customer relationship and management. Speak Up Africa has organized and overseen dozens of awareness workshops with women, girls, boys, and thought leaders in Dakar’s peri-urban areas, Pikine and Guediawaye. Through the partnership with the sanitary district of Pikine, which helped to build capacity of health officers about menstrual hygiene management, more than 10 000 inhabitants of the area have been sensitized and trained.

In 2016, we launched our Golden Sludge movement, working in close collaboration with national institutions that are directly responsible for development and implementing sanitation programs. Our Golden Sludge campaign aims to increase awareness, prioritization levels, as well as regional, national and municipal commitment for a better sanitation in Africa. This social movement pushing for sustainable access to safely managed sanitation by 2030, by engaging regions, municipalities, civil society organizations and the media.

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