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Speak Up Africa is a hub of experienced communication and advocacy experts connected to the critical global policy movers and decision makers. Speak Up Africa is focused on awareness campaigns and advocacy for public health and sanitation. From policy change to movement building and community engagement, we work to inspire action around pressing sustainable development issues.

Speak Up Africa fosters national multi-sectoral involvement in public health and sanitation by creating and strengthening coalitions regrouping countries’ main constituencies including government, financial partners, implementing partners, private sector representatives and communities. We provide platforms for partners including CSOs to consult and collaborate to maximize their efforts, particularly around the need to increase sustainable funding for critical health and sanitation programs.    

African Voices of Science

Information is a vital resource during an emergency Yet, COVID-19 is sparking significant fear and misinformation across the world To promote access to reliable evidence and information, local...
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The Africa Young Innovators for Health Award

The Africa Young Innovators for Health Award is launching its first competition designed to highlight and support the work of pioneering young entrepreneurs developing health innovations IFPMA and...
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Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative

Sustained global efforts to drive malaria cases and deaths down over the last two decades have saved over 7 million lives and prevented more than 1 billion cases Yet despite incredible progress,...
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Stay Safe Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a two-fold challenge in Africa: curbing the spread of the coronavirus, whilst also maintaining access to essential health services for those suffering from other...
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No to Neglected Tropical Diseases

NTDs are a group of communicable diseases that affect more than 15 billion people globally, 39% of whom live in Africa Even though these diseases can be prevented and treated, they continue to cause...
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Africa Sanitation Policy and Advocacy Activator

Both organizations work with policymakers, municipalities, the private sector, research institutions and civil society organizations to: Encourage the development of policies, regulations and...
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Golden Sludge

At the national level, we urge country leaders to invest in national initiatives to improve access to safely managed sanitation services and clean drinking water across their countries Governments...
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Zero Malaria Starts with Me

This campaign, which is part of an inclusive advocacy strategy to increase awareness, prioritization and national commitment with a view to eliminating malaria, is based on 3 pillars: − Political...
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Routine Immunization

By taking advantage of the international support currently offered in routine immunization and the introduction of new vaccines, governments can use immunization models to improve management,...
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Football Combating Malaria

Key figures of the Football Combating Malaria campaign: − 225 teams of supervisors and community agents mobilized; − 228 social mobilization activities for distribution and awareness-raising; −...
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ACCESS-SMC is a project financed by UNITAID and implemented by Malaria Consortium in partnership with Catholic Relief Services Its objective is to support the national malaria control programs of...
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No Taboo Periods

This campaign is aimed at enhancing knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to menstrual hygiene and at making menstrual hygiene management a public health policy priority and generate commitment...
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