Lines of impact

From neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) to malaria and vaccine-preventable diseases, millions of people across Africa continue to suffer from these preventable and treatable illnesses, which create obstacles to education, employment, economic growth and development in general. In order to drive sustainable change, increase awareness and hold leaders accountable, the role of the media is absolutely critical. Through sustained and accurate reporting on these key public health issues, journalists can be powerful agents of change in the fight for a fairer, healthier and more prosperous Africa.

Speak Up Africa’s Lines of Impact project seeks to empower journalists and drive impactful media coverage on these topics. In partnership with African journalists, we are working to increase the volume and quality of reporting on the topics of NTDs, malaria, immunization and sanitation in Africa, ensuring that these public health issues, and the people affected by them, are at the heart of media conversation. Through a steady drumbeat of media articles and pieces, the project raises awareness and amplifies voices of people impacted across the continent. As a result, Lines of Impact plays a crucial role in holding leaders accountable to their commitments to reach our Sustainable Development Goals.

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