Routine Immunization

By taking advantage of the international support currently offered in routine immunization and the introduction of new vaccines, governments can use immunization models to improve management, planning, forecasting, evaluation, inventory control, cold-chain systems, community outreach, provider training, and patient outreach. These management and skill-building tools can positively impact overall health services and make resources available for other areas of health care.

Speak Up Africa recognizes that these major changes won’t happen without the endorsement and engagement of African political leaders, as well as engagement from the beneficiaries for whom it impacts the most. Therefore, Speak Up Africa works both at ground level and highest political levels to ensure that individual and collective actions will join together with political actions to create long-lasting impact.

Together with our partners, we contribute to increase immunization coverage levels in Africa by:

– Raising the profile of immunization on policymakers’ agenda;
– Promoting sustainable resource allocation for immunization at country level;
– Increasing the visibility of good practices and accomplishments of EPI programs throughout the continent;
– Strengthening coalitions in support of immunization;
– Increasing demand from communities of quality immunization service.

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