A Global Communication Community of Practice for Stronger Malaria Advocacy

27 January 2014

The Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership is a global Framework designed to implement coordinated action against malaria. RBM’s overall strategy aims to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality by reaching universal coverage and strengthening health systems.

The RBM Partnership has grown to include a wide range of constituencies bringing an assembly of expertise, infrastructures and funds to the fight against the disease.

Among them, a Communication Community of Practice (CCoP) has been created to empower RBM partners at the county level to develop, implement and evaluate effective malaria communication activities to ensure the proper use of treatment and prevention.

This new working group is the result of a process initiated in 2011-2012 aimed to mobilize political, social and financial resources to position communication as a core component of malaria control and encourage the development of more effective communication programming at the country level. One of its objectives is to facilitate and coordinate the provision of technical assistance to countries and partners and to improve the quality and capacity to implement result-driven malaria communication programs.

Along with a steering committee including endemic countries’ representatives and communications experts, the CCoP will be lead by two co-chairs, Fara Ndiaye, Speak Up Africa’s Director of Africa Programs and Robert Ainslie, Chief of Party at the John Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.

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