Speak Up Afric’Art LINGEER Showcase

Speak Up Afric’Art serves as a beacon for collaboration and engagement for artists, experts, policymakers, and the public to unleash the potential of a healthy and thriving Africa where change happens by Africans for Africans. This artistic endeavor aims to use art as a catalyst for showcasing Africa’s most innovative ideas and giving a stage to Africans by inviting a diverse collective of creatives including painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, performance artists, and digital creators to interpret these themes creatively.  

Speak Up Afric’Art aims to raise awareness, inspire, enable and mobilize people to address the root causes of social problems and to consider and create alternative solutions. Art can challenge stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, and celebrate diversity, identity and culture. Art can amplify the voices and stories of marginalized, oppressed or silenced groups, and create spaces for dialogue and collaboration across differences.

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a crucial component of sustainable development.The theme for 2024 edition is “Celebrating African LeadHERs from Senegal” to support the inclusion of women and girls on public platforms and in leadership and aims to encourage women’s and girls, in all their diversity, to significantly participate in decision-making spaces for improved public health.

By naming this first showcase of Speak Up Afric’Art “LINGEER” we pay a tribute to all women innovators, visionaries, and changemakers.

The LINGEER exhibition serves as a convening platform for collaboration, engagement and action to cement our contribution towards gender equality.

LINGEER, presented by Speak Up Africa and curated by Mohamed Cissé, is captured by the talented artist Khalifa Hussein, to showcase the multiple facets in the everyday life of women who are African innovators, visionaries, and changemakers and spotlight curating art for social impact and transformational change in Africa.

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