Joint action for sustainable sanitation in Africa

Press Release • 24 March 2022

The non-profit strategic communications and advocacy organisation, Speak Up Africa, and the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) have signed a partnership agreement to pool their long-standing collaboration. 

This partnership, signed during the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal from 21 to 26 March 2022, aims to accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 on water and sanitation in Africa through effective synergy between the two organisations. 

Speak Up Africa will continue to support efforts to implement inclusive and equitable sanitation policies alongside AMCOW so that African countries can guarantee water security on the continent, accelerate access to safely managed sanitation, strengthen governance systems and water management structures, and to account for commitments at continental and global level. 

« This renewed and strengthened partnership will enable us to intensify our joint efforts with sanitation stakeholders to improve water and sanitation services in Africa and, above all, to strengthen policies for better governance of the sector. »

Rashid Mbaziira, AMCOW Executive Secretary

As a reminder, since 2019, Speak Up Africa has supported the process of developing, disseminating and adopting the African Sanitation Policy Guidelines (ASPG), in French-speaking African countries, notably Senegal and Niger. 

These Guidelines will enable African countries without inclusive and equitable policies to reassess, revise or develop their policies by incorporating aspects relating to gender, menstrual hygiene management, clear roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, and sanitation service levels. 

Through the ASPGs, AMCOW aims to create a framework that provides technical support to countries to implement inclusive and equitable policies to move closer to achieving the Ngor Commitments and the SDGs by 2030.

Signing this partnership, based on of equity, inclusion and transparency, demonstrates both organisations’ strong commitment to improving sanitation conditions for the people of Africa. The mid-term assessment of the Sustainable Development Goals has highlighted how far behind Africa is. 

Inclusive sanitation policies must be put in place to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable populations are properly met.

« The right to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. We reiterate our commitment to supporting AMCOW in the dissemination of the ASPGs, and countries in the implementation of inclusive and equitable sanitation policies across the continent, and we are convinced that together and with the support of partners, we will succeed in ensuring access to high quality sanitation facilities for all ».

Yacine Djibo, Speak Up Africa Founder and Executive Director

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