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Safeguarding is an organisation’s responsibility to ensure, as far as possible, that its staff, partners, operations and programmes do not harm children, young people or adults.

The organisation has a responsibility to ensure that no one is put at risk of discrimination, neglect, harm or abuse.

The organisation also has a responsibility to protect its staff and partners when they are vulnerable, for example when they are ill or could be harmed or abused.

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Use of the form

Your messages can be anonymous or not, it is up to you. They will always be treated objectively and with the utmost discretion.

Treatment of messages
  1. The safeguarding committee will review your messages every day at 9 AM GMT.
  2. This committee is independent and will not release any information without your consent.
  3. The members of the committee are the only people who have access to the information submitted through this form.
To be heard by a champion rather than submit to the committee

If you are not ready to speak to the committee you can speak directly and in confidence to the safeguarding champion of your choice:

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