Our Mission

Speak Up Africa supports the global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With ensuring health and well-being of all at our core, we support SDGs 1-6 in transforming societies throughout Africa and making sure every man, woman, and child is empowered to live a long and healthy life.

Speak Up Africa work to improve African well-being:

  • With our long-standing relationships with cultural influencers, celebrities, and decision makers, we have the unique talent to inspire action around pressing public health and development issues across the African continent.
  • Our programs aim to serve as a powerful public accountability mechanisms, enhancing transparency, and encouraging governments to uphold their public commitments.
  • We go beyond high-level advocacy to challenge and change how all sectors of African societies perceive their ability to influence decision- making processes and hold them to account for engaging and facilitating that change.

Our Team

We are an experience team of behavior change communication and advocacy experts.

Our Board

Our board provides strategic vision that enables us to stay focused on our mission. 

Our Partners

Our partners are integral in what we do.


Our Champions

We empower African leaders with a platform to become champions to catalyze civic engagement, policy change, and resource mobilization.

Our Approach

Our unique theory of change model.

Our Publications

To learn more about our work, please read our newsletters and annual reports. 

Our Approach