About Us

As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in representing global commitment to ending preventable child death and in transforming healthy societies, Speak Up Africa’s objective is to promote this shift to African leadership and accountability. It is our core belief that rather than the donor states setting the agenda and mobilizing financial resources, African leaders and communities should drive the progress. We are building off a solid foundation of advancement towards our humanitarian goals. With the SDGs in place, we now need African financial, policy, and communal commitment to expand African participation in and leadership of this global effort.

Speak Up Africa works to improve African well being:

  • Harnessing the influence of Africa’s best-known celebrities through the power of media to transform behaviors
  • Catalyzing the engagement of policymakers
  • Facilitating policy change
  • Implementing regional and global development partnerships
  • Unlocking essential resources in the public and private sector

Our Team

We are an experience team of behavior change communication and advocacy experts.

Our Board

Our board provides strategic vision that enables us to stay focused on our mission. 

Our Partners

Our partners are integral in what we do.


Our Champions

We empower African leaders with a platform to become champions to catalyze civic engagement, policy change, and resource mobilization.

Our Approach

Our unique theory of change model.

Our Publications

To learn more about our work, please read our newsletters and annual reports. 

Our Approach