In West Africa, the three diseases account for nearly half the deaths of children under 5 years: malaria (20%), pneumonia (14%) and diarrhea (11%). It is essential to prevent, educate and involve people in the future of the continent.  Africa 's strength lies in its demographics: 41% of the total population of the continent at least 15 years and the median age is 20 years. To do this, the youth must have an iron constitution, a solid education and a voice that carries.

Sama Video, Sunu Sante,” (My Video, Our Health), is a program initiated by Speak Up Africa that gives the opportunity to the citizens of tomorrow to speak to health issues dear to their hearts through writing and performing short films with chaperones. The program provides opportunities for children in communities to express themselves, through a fun and educational process on the health problems they face every day.


Sup'Imax and in partnership with World Vision, the first edition of the project took place on December 9 2014, in Fimela, the community of World Vision, located in the Fatick region. Ten children, from the villages of Loulé , Fimela and Djilass and four students, from Sup'Imax and from Dakar, were selected to participate in this pilot .

As part of this first edition of the project Sama Video, Sunu Health, the Regional Office of World Vision in West Africa provided logistical support to facilitate access to rural communities. The Organization has also, through its field presence, managed relations with communities to support the project. Moreover, through a facilitation process, World Vision has enabled children to develop their communication skills so that their messages are clean for their voices to remain authentic.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Action, the National Programme of Fight against Malaria NGO PATH, Sup'Imax , AIESEC - CESAG and Club "Sama Wërgu Yaram My Health" of college Ibrahima Thiaw, the second edition of the project took place, from March 6 to April 25, 2015.


By partnering with the campaign "Zero Palu Starts With Me" the second edition of the project focused exclusively on the fight to eradicate malaria in Senegal. Indeed, this campaign aims to start a national movement for the elimination of malaria in Senegal by integrating into an inclusive advocacy strategy to increase awareness, prioritization and national commitment towards elimination malaria.

In April 2015, Speak Up Africa also produced a Zero Malaria “Sama Video, Sunu Sante” that was shown to the World Malaria Day Celebration audience during the ceremony.

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