In West Africa, three diseases account for nearly half of the death of children under five: malaria (20%), pneumonia (14%) and diarrhea (11%). It is essential to prevent, educate and involve people in the continent’s future. Africa must draw strength in its demographics with 41% of the continent’s population being less than 15 years old.

Speak Up Africa promotes active citizenship. We must speak, act and rise on the actions being taken in our name and play our part in bringing about positive change and healthy behaviors. At Speak Up Africa, we strive to enlighten new generations of active citizens, i.e. young Africans who develop their skills andknowledge to then make informed decisions about their health and communities with the aim of improving their quality of life.

Through a diverse range of platforms such as Sama Video, Sama Music, Sama Photo and Sama Dessin, we will empower fellow citizens to hold their governments to the pledge made in 2001 to direct 15% of annual government spending toward health. Using new technology and social media, we will build a social movement for investing in health. Individuals will pledge to invest in their own health by taking actions to prevent disease and promote healthy lifestyles, and they will call on their governments to match that action with investment in health systems.