In partnership with PATH/MACEPA and the National Malaria Control Program, Speak Up Africa is documenting Senegal's approach and progress as it makes steps towards achieving a remarkable objective: malaria elimination. 

Senegal has achieved tremendous progress in the past decade. From 2006 to 2013, malaria mortality rates have dropped by 62%. The lives of 26 800 children under 5 were saved thanks to malaria control interventions throughout the country since 2001.

Beyond the implementation of proven interventions like the use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, proper management of cases with the broad use of rapid diagnostic tests and artemisinin-based combination therapies, Senegal is determined to maintaining its gains. The country remains at the forefront of innovation by implementing new interventions such as seasonal malaria chemoprevention and mass screen and treat to accelerate chances of success.

We encourage you to look through the Senegal Success Gallery and listen to the voices of a few dedicated health workers, government officials, advocates and especially communities at the frontlines of the malaria fight. Malaria elimination is an ambitious goal, but one we believe is achievable with strong leadership, a united partnership, the right tools and sustained financial support.